Character is the Key - How to unlock the best in our children and ourselves


To use in conjunction with chapters 9 & 11

  1. Why character matters to families
  2. I believe
  3. Our family’s core values and beliefs
  4. Observing myself and others
  5. Reflections after observing myself and others
  6. Individual and family goals
  7. Monthly Meeting Worksheet
How To Influence Your Kids for Good

Revised and re-released by Harper Collins Canada
in August, 2015 under the name How To Influence Your Kids for Good

In Character is Key, Sara Dimerman has done a wonderful service to everyone striving for more harmonious relationships within families. With its focus on core values as integral to the development of an individual's character and its clear recognition of the role of parents in modelling and promoting these values within the first and most important community of one's life, the family, this book is a valuable and timely resource for anyone engaged in the challenge of raising children today.
- Toronto Chief of Police, William Blair
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We all want to help our kids become caring, courageous, positive and principled people. But in today's hectic, information-overdosed world there seem to be a thousand influences on them that we are not always happy about. And when they don't act like the kind of people we hoped they would be, we often feel out of control, out of ideas and worried about how to turn things around.

Would you like to see your children:

Then Character Is the Key is the book you need!

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Sara Dimerman makes a convincing case that developing character in our children is one of a parent’s most important tasks. In Character Is the Key, she provides an innovative, step-by-step template for families who want to explore the values they cherish and deepen their commitment to living by those values.
- Caroline Connell, Editor-in-Chief, Today’s Parent Magazine

The character education movement, implemented by educators around the world, is an incredibly successful and growing phenomenon. When important character attributes like honesty, integrity, and fairness are intentionally modelled and taught to kids, they develop an inner compass that continues to guide them in a positive direction. Until now, the missing link has been helping parents with their crucial participation at home. In Character Is the Key, parenting expert and therapist, Sara Dimerman, shares her powerful, step by step plan, to improve communication and bring your family together so that you can unlock the very best in your children - and yourself. Get started today!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to go through this process. My husband has finally realized that he sees the cup half empty and wants to work on being more optimistic. I’m so thrilled that this is coming from him and not me.
- Jennifer, a mom (after implementing The Family Plan - chapter 9)

The top ten character traits which Character is the Key will help your family develop:

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I was surprised to realize that I was sad after the meetings were over. I enjoyed coming together as a family and being honest with one another. Usually we don’t feel that it is respectful to tell our parents what we really think about some of the things they do. Sara gave us permission.
- Greg, a 14 year old son (after participating in The Family Plan - chapter 9)
About the author

Sara Dimerman, Dip.C.S., C.Psych.Assoc., is registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario as an individual, couple and family therapist. She is Founder and Director of the Parent Education and Resource Centre in Thornhill, Ontario and the child and family therapy expert at Her first book, Am I a Normal Parent? (Hatherleigh Press, USA) was published in 2008. Sara lives in Toronto, Canada, is married and has two daughters aged ten and eightteen. Visit her website at